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About Us

At Shree Haryana Gaushala (Regd.) a place where more than 2000 cows are being kept & looked after systematically. These cows are feeded with nourishing & protein and vitamin rice foods. They have been regularly examined by veterinary doctors & treated accordingly. The cow is considered as a sacred & holy animal in Hindu religion. we worship cow on various occasions and we call them Gomata.

We are a Non Government Organization (NGO) involved in Social Welfare Activities. In the field of environmental protection and preservation, we are actively involved in prevention of cruelty against animals given to them either by man or by nature. Many eminent and renowned social workers and philanthropists are associated in this holy venture of preserving and caring of these helpless animals.

Starting with a humble beginning in 1912 have come a long way in establishing good facilities to take care of more then 2000 stray, ill-nourished and helpless cows. We provide shelter and food to these homeless cattle and also take care of their medical needs at our sprawling establishment Shree Haryana Gaushala. As far as the water arrangement is concerned, gaushala has provided each shed a separate water tank and one pond. Gaushala has its own Gobar Gas plant. The insecticides and medicine are prepared in large amount from the Gobar and Gau Mutra. This Gaushala produces vermin compost.