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    01663 - 254228


Since the problems in properly looking after these stray cows are manifold and of complex nature, the resources of Shree Haryana Gaushala are appear very limited. To sustain such activities of Animal Welfare, it is possible only with the financial help / assistance in the form of Donations, Contributions & Grant-in-Aid from well-meaning individuals and organizations. We would like to seek your kind cooperation and help in furtherance of this noble cause of providing adequate care and medical help to the stray cows. We would like to enlist your valuable support and cooperation in our resolve to care of these animals by meeting their daily requirements. Donation to our NGO are Exempted from income Tax U/S 80G.

It is a task, a seva to Gomata and god, which should be done with great pride and devotion, as our glorious Indian heritage is incomplete without Gomata. This is a work of mammoth proportion and is possible only with the cooperation of all donors, patrons and public in general. We solicit generous donations in cash or kind or service from all of you. You can donate a day's / month's income to this noble cause.

You can online deposit your cheque/RTGS/NEFT to following account:-

Name of Bank A/c No.
Union Bank of India, Hansi
For Foreign Donations UBI Code No.
379702010000529 (Saving A/c)
HDFC Bank LTD., Railway Road, Hissar
01552320003440 (Current A/c)

Please make your Donation Cheque / Draft in the name of "Shree Haryana Gaushala" payable at Hansi and send it to: Shree Haryana Gaushala (Regd.) Hansi, Distt. - Hisar (Haryana)

Particular of Donation / Contribution Rupees
One Shed (Goshala) 5,00,000/-
Donate a Cow (any one of Indian Breed cow) 21,000/-
One year expense of one Cow 11,000/-
One year expense of five Cow 55,000/-
One year expense of eleven Cow 121,000/-
Gopooja on any particular day (Havan,Go-Grass) 8,100/-
Go-Grass for one day (All cows) 21,100/-
Go-Grass for one day (500 cows) 7,100/-
Medical Care For one cow for one year 2,100/-
Swamani 1100/-
Go-Grass for a cow for one day 101/-
Above all Love, Protect and Worship cows daily and forever.